5 Best Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces – Reviews {Buying Guide}

Forget those days when you have to burn that pile of woods to make your lounge warm and cozy in the wintery days. Now is the time for vented gas fireplaces. Right from the moment they stepped into the market, they changed the entire living space heating course.

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Napoleon GDS20N Direct Vent Fireplace

Napoleon GDS20N Direct Vent Fireplace
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Such fireplaces cut the need for a dedicated fireplace and provide the ultimate solution for warming up any space. But you know what the most troubling thing is? It’s finding the best direct vent gas fireplace with so many choices available. But don’t worry and read this guide till the end to get the perfect one for your home.

List of Top 5 Best Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces – Reviews 2022

ImageDirect Vent Gas FireplacesRating & Price
Best Small Fireplace

Napoleon GDS20N Fireplace

  • The dimensions are 15.75 x 19.25 x 25.38 inches

  • Cast iron stove body with Painted black ceramic finish

  • Provide 20000 BTUs

  • Phazer log set and realistic glowing ember

  • Efficiency rating of 78 percent

  • Pilot button ignition

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Best for the Money

Empire Tahoe Deluxe Millivolt Fireplace

  • The dimensions are 37-inches Width x 35 5/8-inches Height x 16 3/8-inches Depth

  • All steel construction with computer welding

  • 20000 BTUs power

  • Five-piece log set with black slat louvers

  • Efficiency rating of 83 percent

  • Millivolt ignition system

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Best For Stylish Living Rooms

Majestic Quartz Fireplace

  • The dimensions are 36 x 16.31 x 34.06 inches (for 32 IN model), 41 x 16.31 x 37.63 inches (for 42 IN model) and 48 x 16.31 x 39.56 inches (for 48 IN model)

  • All metal construction with black finish

  • 15,000 to 21,000 BTUs power (for 32IN and 42IN model) and 20,000 to 28,500 BTU's (for 48IN model)

  • Natural burning wood logs

  • Efficiency rating of 53 percent

  • Intellifire Ignition

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Best Performing

Superior Fireplace

  • The dimensions for Framing are: Width 35-7/8-inches X Height 36-1/4-inches X Depth 18-1/2-inches

  • Black reflective crushed media glass

  • Up to 20000 BTUs power

  • Charred Oak Logs

  • Efficiency rating of 65 percent

  • Intermittent electronic pilot ignition system

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Best For Large Spaces

Empire Tahoe Fireplace

  • The framing dimensions - 37.37-inches (W) x 35.75-inches (H) x 16.37-inches (D)

  • Matte black interior walls

  • 14000-20000 BTUs heat power

  • Seven ceramic fiber logs

  • Efficiency rating up to 83 percent

  • Millivolt ignition pilot

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1. Napoleon GDS20N Fireplace – Best Small Vented Gas Fireplace


Napoleon is one of the best brands for providing high-end fireplaces at a reasonable price. The GDS20N comes in a smaller footprint but with more capacity to warm up your spaces. The cast iron body of the Napoleon fireplace provides a classic, vintage look.

Napoleon’s trademark MIRROR-FLAME™ Porcelain Reflective Radiant Back Panel forms the impression of double fires in a single heat-transmitting ceramic glass. Moreover, it does not ask for any electricity to light up or operate the fireplace.

You can conveniently switch on this fireplace with its On/off switch. Moreover, it comes with a pilot button, which you can leave on for instant fire up. Besides, you can set the room temperature according to your needs with its high-low rotating switch.


The Napoleon fireplace is the safest choice, too, with its PHAZERAMIC burner system. Such a system promises that your fireplace remains safe during power failures too. Moreover, such a system depicts a randomly dancing flame and realistic radiant, glowing coal bed, which adds more to its looks.

Next off, the PHAZER log set of the Napoleon GDS20N showcases a natural wood-burning look. Besides all this, Napoleon’s burner provides 20000 BTUs of Heat, outstanding for such a small fireplace. All in all, Napoleon GDS20N is worth buying, given its features.

  • It is a perfect fit for smaller spaces
  • Good heating power given its size
  • Powerful heating
  • Its construction is long-lasting
  • Ceramic glass provides radiant heating
  • Its efficiency rating is 78 percent
  • A 45-degree vent might trouble you when installing into the pre-existing fireplace, although for standalone use, it works great

2. Empire Tahoe Deluxe Millivolt Fireplace – Best Overall Direct Vent Gas Fireplace For The Money


The Empire’s Tahoe direct vent is one of the best options for fireplace inserts. While not costing a fortune, it provides the ultimate solution for your wintery days. The ceramic fibers combine with the intricate details and make for the lasting beauty of this fireplace.

If we speak of its burning power, it can provide 20000 BTUs of steady Heat while utilizing liquid natural gas. Moreover, its efficiency ratings are 83 percent, which is quite impressive for less than 1300 bucks. Further, you will love its millivolt ignition system, which makes on/off relatively easy.

If you have a small room or even want to set up a fireplace in the bathroom, go for Empire Tahoe as its 16-inches high Framing. Besides its compact size, it is a highly efficient unit that can provide heat even when the power is out.

Another amazing feature of empire Tahoe is its natural-looking wood logs placement with smoke accents, which depicts vintage looks. But be mindful that you have to buy the barrier screen separately when purchasing this unit.

Although getting the separate barrier screen will cost less than 1500 bucks, which is not a bad deal for the vented fireplaces. The installation of Tahoe is effortless as it comes fitted with the top venting system that makes the job pretty easy. So, you can DIY it, but if you don’t know how to do it, better get an expert technician.

  • Can serve well for small spaces like the bathroom
  • Operates on natural or propane gas
  • Incredible heat power of 20000BTUS
  • An efficiency rating of 83 percent makes it one of the best
  • Can be inserted into the existing fireplace
  • You can install it yourself
  • Best direct vent gas fireplace for the money
  • You have to get the barrier screen separately, but still, it’s not a bad deal given its price

3. Majestic Quartz Direct Vent Natural Gas Burning Fireplace – Best For Stylish Living Rooms


If you plan to redesign your living room’s interior or are shifting to your first home, then go for a Majestic quartz vent fireplace. With its compact design and trendy looks, you can take your living room décor to the next level.

The Majestic Quartz comes in three different sizes and power options are 32-inches, 42-inches, and 48-inches. You can select as per your room size. One of the best features of Quartz is that you can toggle between its high power and low power mode.

For 32-inches and 36-inches, its heating power offer 15000 BTUs and 21000 BTUs; for 42-inches, it’s like 20000 BTUs and 285000 BTUs heat power options. If you have a smaller room, go for the 32-inches but keep the heat accordingly as high power mode will waste heat power.

Moreover, its electronic ignition makes it easy to start and operate. If you want to give Majestic a modern touch, you can buy a convert. Moreover, you will need to purchase all the kit and caboodle for the top or back vents.

Another thing is that it comes with pre-wired for wall switches though, you have to buy the switches separately. The cost of Quartz is not much, but if you want to upgrade, you have to buy all the hardware, which might cost a bit. Still, its features make it one of the best direct vent gas fireplace brands.

  • A perfect choice for modern-style living
  • Its smaller footprint makes it ideal for small spaces too
  • You can warm a more extensive space too with its heat power toggling
  • It can be vented both vertically and horizontally
  • You can conveniently adjust its heat power
  • Most accessories are sold separately, which might cost a bit
  • Efficiency are not much, but given its style, it is worth buying

4. Superior Direct Vent Gas Fireplace – Best Performing Direct Vent Fireplace


If you are looking for your fireplace’s outstanding performance, you cannot go wrong with a Superior direct vent gas fireplace. It is a beautiful decorative unit that comes with natural-looking glowing fire embers and ornamental grates.

The Superior’s fireplace is somewhat a smaller fireplace with a framing height of 36 inches and a width of 35 inches. Moreover, it houses many outstanding features which make it outperform others. You will love its heat circulating design which maximizes the hot air distribution across your space.

Moreover, the fireplace’s front is made out of ceramic glass, which promises more radiant heat than any other ordinary tempered glass. So such glass combines with the in-housed blower and heat-distributing design and provides enhanced performance of the fireplace.


One of the perks of the superior fireplace is that you can control it with a remote. You can adjust its heat levels, with available two options high and low. While altering the heat levels, you will change the ambiance of the flame too.

With its plot ignition system, you can quickly fire up the fireplace. Besides, the superior fireplace is well-fitted to optimize the use of gas and energy while burning. All in all, if you want the best direct vent fireplaces without concern about the budget then go for a Superior direct vent fireplace.

  • It provides outstanding heat performance with the ceramic glass
  • With the remote control, you can adjust the settings of the fireplace
  • The blower of the fireplace maximizes the heat
  • Real-looking wood logs add up to the looks
  • It is an energy-saving unit
  • Might be expensive for some people but its features are worth considering

5. Empire Tahoe MV Deluxe 42″ NG Fireplace – Best Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Insert For Large Spaces


Are you up for a modish and trendy fireplace solution? If yes, then look no further than Empire Tahoe MV deluxe fireplace. It is a stylish yet high-performing direct vent fireplace. The Millivolt deluxe is a big fireplace with more significant heating power.

What do you think about how much power you need to warm up your living room? With the 14000 to 20000 BTU’s immense range of the Empire Tahoe, you can quickly warm up huge spaces and rooms. And another thing is that it works on liquid propane gas, which makes it quite efficient.

The white finish of Millivolt deluxe combines with the Harrington ceramic fiber brick wall and provides a classy look. Such an appealing look of this fireplace works perfectly for both new and old interior décor. Moreover, it’s an in-wall fireplace that asks for 42 -inches of a hole in the wall.

The Empire Tahoe direct vent fireplace has a clear matte finish on the front and side walls that offer a sleek and minimalist look. Moreover, the seven ceramic realistic fire logs depict the looks of a real ember in the fireplace. Besides, its rear or front vents are convertible.

You will see its controls on the lower panel. Moreover, it comes with the comfortable light of the fireplace thanks to its millivolt ignition system. The good news is that the Tahoe fireplace is a remote-ready unit although, the remote is not included in the package. You can order it separately.

  • It is a visually appealing unit with a white finish and herringbone ceramic fiber brick wall
  • The blower of the fireplace provides more heating
  • Heat adjustability provides more controlled heating
  • Come with all the gears for top and rear venting
  • Immense heat power up to 20000 BTUs make it ideal for vast space
  • Installation might be difficult

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces – Buying Guide

Editor’s Choice
Napoleon GDS20N Direct Vent Fireplace

Napoleon GDS20N Direct Vent Fireplace
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You have to keep a considerable sum of money when buying direct vent fireplaces. So if you don’t know what you need and what you should look for in the vented fireplaces, you are wasting your money for that I’m mentioning some of the must-haves to look for in the best direct vent gas fireplaces.

Heat power vs. your room

Before purchasing, you must be mindful of where to set up the fireplace. If you want to warm vast space, then go for more BTUs of the fireplace. Otherwise low BTUs work best for small spaces. Moreover, many of you want to set up the fireplace in the patio or the bathroom, so look for the form factor and BTUs both in that case.

Size of the fireplace

It is totally up to you. For convenience, answer the below questions and get fireplace accordingly.

  • Can your house bear a large size fireplace?
  • Is your home new or refurbished? If new do, you have dedicated space for a fireplace?
  • Do you have a pre-holed fireplace insert or you will be drilling one?

Once you clear up these questions, then look for the fireplace accordingly. Moreover, you can measure the wall where you be inserting the fireplace as a more massive fireplace for a small wall to look messy. But remember, when measuring dimensions, the framing dimensions and inside dimensions are different. So be careful about the size. In our best direct vent gas fireplaces review, we mentioned different sizes of the fireplaces so you can choose from that too.


The least of the fireplaces you want is fuel wasting. The more efficient the direct vents fireplace offers more worth the purchase it is. Moreover, if you only want a highly efficient unit, go for Empire Tahoe Deluxe Direct-Vent NG Millivolt Fireplace.

Ignition system

The ignition systems are also a factor to consider. Different ignition systems are Millivolt ignition, Intermittent Pilot Ignition, and smartphone-controlled system. The Millivolt is a basic ignition system that usually asks for manual on/off, but with electric switches and remote-enabled units, you can ignite remotely.

The IPI is an efficient and fuel-saving system, which turns off a pilot when not in use. Moreover, it turns on when the control module sends the signal. The smartphone control comes with more expensive and smart fireplaces, enabling you to control the fireplace from your smartphone.


The most important factor is your budget. If you have a low budget, you can still get a full fireplace. However, expensive fireplaces are more advanced and efficient.

Glass barrier

For the glass barrier, you got two options tempered or ceramic. Of course, ceramic glass is much better than tempered as they offer more heat resistance, and is durable. But if you are up for a low-budgeted fireplace tempered one work excellent.


If you have low capital to invest in a fireplace, I prefer to DIY the installation. But f you don’t have the tools or knowledge to do so it’s better to spend some more bucks and get a technician.

Editor’s Choice
Napoleon GDS20N Direct Vent Fireplace

Napoleon GDS20N Direct Vent Fireplace
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FAQs {Frequently Asked Questions}

Q1. Do you need a chimney for the direct vent fireplaces?
Ans1. One of the perks of direct vet fireplaces is that you don’t need a chimney. It can be vented sidewalls or to the roof. Moreover, its enclosed chamber takes air from the outside for combustion and expels harmful gases out through the venting.
Q2. How efficient are direct vent gas fireplaces?
Ans2. The efficiency of the direct vent fireplaces varies from model to model. They can provide up to 85 percent efficiency depending on the brand and model. Like, the Empire Tahoe Deluxe Direct-Vent NG Millivolt Fireplace provides 83 percent efficiency and is one of the best. Moreover, many other fireplaces can provide 73 to 79 percent efficiency.
Q3. What is the difference between direct vent and ventless fireplaces?
Ans3. The direct vent fireplaces come with a venting system that takes oxygen from outside to burn and expel harmful gases. Meanwhile, the ventless fireplaces take a room for oxygen for combustion, and there is no expelling of harmful gases. Where the vented fireplaces are safer options, but the ventless are more efficient units. Whether you go for a ventless fireplace, look for its auto-tuning off (in no oxygen condition) feature for safety.
Q4. What is the difference between B vent and direct vent?
Ans4. The B vents are also known as natural vents. Such a vent takes oxygen from the indoors for burning and then channel it outside. At the same time, the direct vent takes oxygen from outside and returns harmful gases outside. The direct vents are tightly sealed and more secure ways of venting fireplaces.

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