5 Best Misting Fans – Reviews {Buying Guide}

Are you planning to throw a BBQ party in your backyard this summer? But the hot weather is setting you back? If yes, then it is the last thing you need to worry about because with the misting fans, you can get the perks of an outdoor air conditioner while getting the BBQ batch ready.

The misting fans, while using a water reservoir, distribute the tiny water droplets with airflow. Depending on the model, you can also attach the garden hose instead of the water reservoir. With mystifying water coupling with fan air, you will get all the perks of an air conditioner outdoor.


Moreover, misting fans come with adjustable water and air pressure, oscillations, height flexibility, portability, and much more. Among so many choices, you get confused about the best one. Here we provide you with the five best misting fan choices to enjoy the summer and outdoor parties.

List of Top 5 Best Misting Fans Reviews 2022

ImageDetailsRating & Price
Best Overall

Lasko 7050 Misto

  • It measures about 16.25 x 12.3 x 14.85 inches

  • Reduces the sir temperature up to 25 degrees

  • It comes with three different speed adjustments

  • Connects to the garden hose for misting

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Best Outdoor

Cool-Off Island Breeze

  • 78 inches high with a fan diameter of 26 inches wide

  • Cover up to 40 ft of outdoor space

  • Comes With A 3-Speed Operation

  • 12 Gallon Water Tank for misting

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Best Value

Frigidaire Misting Fan

  • 11.3 x 19 x 54 inches

  • 500 Sq. ft. of outdoor space

  • A 3-Speed Operation

  • It connects to a garden hose for misting

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Best Standalone

iLIVING Wall Mounted

  • 14-inches 18-inches and 20-inches

  • More than 1000 Sq. ft. of outdoor space

  • A chain to adjust fan speed up to three variations

  • Connects to a misting kit (sold separately) for humidifying

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Best Portable

RYOBI Misting Fan Kit

  • 14.8 x 12.7 x 12 inches

  • Cover up 100 sq. ft

  • Hi/Lo switch allows setting mist or mist-free operation

  • 5-gallon water bucket or garden hose for misting

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1. Lasko 7050 Misto Outdoor Misting Fan – Editor’s Choice

Whether you want to take your misting fan to the campsite or wish to place it for a backyard BBQ dinner, the Lasko 7050 is one of the ideal picks. Why? Because it’s compact and sleek style make it is one of the best-rated outdoor misting fans.

But don’t get deluded with its compact design as it is potent enough to reduce the temperature by 25 degrees. The powerful blowers couple up with the three mystifying nozzles to make your surroundings breezy and cool even during the hottest weather.


Not only that, it can be a real workhorse for the summers as it is weather-resistant, UV-shielded, and rust-resistant. Don’t worry about any mishaps of short circuits, as it can automatically cut off the power supply in case of a potential hazard, thanks to its blue plug safety fuse technology.

The Lasko misting fan’s 90-degree pivot and automatic louvers create a broad swish. Besides, it comes with a 9 ft. long water supply hose that can easily be set up with a garden hose. So you see, setting it up is as easy as attaching to any garden hose and plugging in.

It comes with a 3-prong grounded plug that meets the GFCI standards. Furthermore, this misting fan is built to last, owing to its sealed ball-bearing motor. All in all, the Lasko misting fans while maintaining a low profile can last years of abusive use.

  • Durably built
  • Endures harsh weather
  • ETL listed
  • Safe from mishaps
  • Easy to setup
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Connect to most water hoses
  • Smaller footprint with a robust profile
  • Some customers complain about misting bigger water droplets

2. Cool-Off Island Breeze Oscillating Misting Fan – Best Outdoor

If you have a little high budget to spend on the misting fan, then Cool-off Island is a suitable option. This gigantic fan comes with a noiseless operation to give you the perks of the air conditioner. Moreover, if you want the best outdoor misting fan for your patio or deck, you can consider it as its sturdy wheels and safety break.

The best part is you can run it for more than 12 hours without running out of fuel. Not only that, this high-performing misting fan incorporates a 100 percent copper motor and a fervent misting fan. Such a composition of the centrifugal fan provides years of abusive use without imposing damage.


If you want to alter the fan speed according to weather, you can do so with its three-speed quiet operation. Whether you want to mist the tropical plants to provide a humid environment or make a calm environment for the BBQ, this misting fan is versatile enough to cope with any situation.

It is one of the best portable misting fans for its 12-gallon water tank and 10 feet long power chord. What’s more? It can cover up to 40 ft broad areas with its 90-degree oscillating fan, making it ideal for restaurant patios and sporting events.

Unlike others, this misting fan is well-engineered with a centrifugal mist design. Such a design eliminates clogging nozzles without any water filtration. The overload protection of the fan is to cut off the electric supply or water supply in case of a potential hazard.

  • Quiet operation
  • Sturdy wheels for maneuvering
  • Big water tank for hose-free misting
  • It covers a wide area
  • Long power chord
  • Safe from hazards with overload protection
  • Varying speed
  • Durable frame
  • Quiet expensive than competing brands

3. Frigidaire Outdoor Misting Fan – Best Value

The previous misting fan was a little expensive, right? So if you want the same performance of the misting fans by investing fewer bucks, Frigidaire is all set to serve you. It can be your best indoor misting fan or outdoor pedestal fan.

It can provide the best value as you can get the perks of two in one product. Connect it to the garden hose and it will mistify the environment or let the standalone fan oscillate for the cool breeze. To add more, the Frigidaire has housed 2400 CFMs powerful motor with three varying fan speeds to let you set it according to the weather.


You will be surprised to know that it covers up to 500 ft. of the area with its wide-angle oscillation. So if you were to plan a BBQ night in your backyard or garden, then you can trust Frigidaire for a breezy environment. The Frigidaire misting fan will get the temperature low by almost 15 degrees.

The Frigidaire is one of the lightest fans that does not have any messy tanks to refill for misting the environment. You can easily take it to your desired location connect it to the hose. Also, you can adjust the mist level with the adjustment valve.

Furthermore, this unit is entirely safe to connect with a water hose, appreciating its GFCI standard plugs. The fan’s height at its full is 54 inches, yet you can adjust it to your desired size with its adjustable stand.

  • The two-way operation, pedestal, and misting fan
  • Lightweight for portability
  • Connects to a standard water hose
  • Up to 500 sq ft coverage
  • Long power chord
  • Safe from hazards with GFCI plug
  • Mist adjusting valve
  • Three different fan speed
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Might not withstand hard water conditions

4. iLIVING Wall Mounted Misting Fan – Best Standalone

What’s more relaxing than chatting with your buddies in your patio or backyard with cool blowing air? Yes, in hot summers, it is the luxury we crave for. The iLiving wall-mounted misting fan is one such fan that makes your environment cool and breezy in a snap of a second.

Do not wrong yourself with the power of this 18-inches small fan as its curved fan blades can produce up to 6360 CFM. Such an airflow is often subjected to more giant fans. Moreover, with the classic pull chain, you can alter the fan speed.


This industrial-grade fan is a real slogger since it is engineered to endure harsh weather conditions. It is safe from corrosions and rust, thanks to its OSHA-approved grill and powder-coated aluminium blades. So if you were to place it under the open sky like in the backyard, do not worry about it damaging.

Talking of its misting feature, you can either use it as a traditional blowing fan or convert it into misting fan by incorporating a misting Kit. Although you have to purchase the kit separately but comb the kit’s price with the fan, it still costs much less than rivalling misting fans.

So, in other words, this is more of a 2-in-1 fan with both misting and blowing features. Furthermore, after mounting it to the wall, you can adjust its wall mount bracket to your desired angle. If not to mount it to a wall, you can get it with a stand for some more bucks.

  • The well-balanced and curved blades generate lots of air
  • Cover huge space
  • Long power chord
  • Different fan speed
  • Reasonably priced
  • Weatherproof
  • Rust-resistant, OSHA approved body
  • UL507 approved for use with misting and fogging rings
  • Getting a misting kit might be troubling for many customers

5. RYOBI 18-Volt ONE+ Bucket Top Misting Fan Kit – Best Portable

Our last pick of the best misting fan review is this bucket-top misting fan. It is one of the best misting fans for patio, deck, and even commercial use. This cordless misting fan comes with an 18-V battery that omits the hassle of wire and finds a socket nearby.

As for its battery-oriented operation and smaller footprint, it is ideal for taking along to the campsite. If you were to plan a backyard or pool party, place it nearby to mistify the environment in hot weather. The best part is you can also connect it to the water hose instead of the bucket for continuous operation.


To adjust the fan power or mist, you can use its Hi/Lo switch. Furthermore, if you ask about its battery time, it will stretch out up to 7 hours of operation while set on a low setting, and for high configuration, it can work up to 3.5 hours.

If the weather is scorching, you can turn on the mist, but if you want a cool breeze, you can turn off the mist. Be mindful that this misting fan does not have an automatic shutoff mechanism, so you have to keep an eye on the water level in the bucket. Otherwise, it will burn out the motor.

For quiet and seamless operation, the motor is well-engineered to stay noiseless. Additionally, if you want to use Ryobi’s battery with other Ryobi products, you can do so conveniently, thanks to its compatibility feature.

  • Smaller footprint and lightweight
  • Cover huge space
  • Battery operated
  • Sensibly priced
  • Weatherproof construction
  • Can work with a water bucket and garden hose both
  • Quiet operation
  • The motor has the potential to burn in case of water run out

Things to Consider Before Buying a Misting Fan in 2022


If you plan to place the misting fan outdoors, you need to look for a real workhorse. For that misting fan must be weather-resistant, rust-proof, and have safe power supply plugging. However, some fans are versatile enough to be placed indoors and outdoors.

Form Factor

For positioning, both versions of the misting fan are ideal. But for more dispersion of mist and cool breeze, the standalone fan is perfect. The portable model lets you move it to place, but it is constrained by the battery backup and power supply option. So it is better to settle out what version you want before making a purchase.

Power Supply

The misting fan can be battery operated or main power supply operated. Battery operated is perfect for an outdoor BBQ party or tailgating, yet you have to keep the track of water and its battery backup. On the flip side, you have to make sure that the chord is long enough to connect to the power supply for the main power-operated fan.

Size And Area Coverage

The blade’s size and motor power indicate that how much area will be cool down for you. If you want to place the misting fan in your backyard or patio, then a high CFM misting fan is necessary. Although, for a quick cool down, the smaller area needs a small misting fan.


The misting fans come at varying prices. You can get a misting fan as low as 80 bucks or as high as 700 bucks. First, you have to consider the dollars in hand and then look for the best pick. Moreover, if you do not have many bucks to speak, I prefer to buy a misting kit for your existing fan.


Q1. Are Misting Fans Any Good?
Ans. Misting fans are beneficial for scorching summer days as they can lower the temperature by more than 20 degrees.
Q2. Do Misting Fans Work In High Humidity?
Ans. Although cooling the misting fan is more potent in dry areas, it works well even in humid places.
Q3. Which is better, air cooler or mist fan?
Ans. The misting fan occupies much less space than air coolers, thanks to their smaller footprint. Moreover, to add humidity indoors, the misting fan is ideal because they disperse water droplets and lower the temperature while providing a better feel around you.

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