9 Best Small Gas Grills – Reviews {Buying Guide}

If you don’t have enough room for a wide grill but still want grilling fun at home, then don’t worry, as here we will talk about the best small gas grills, that fit in limited spaces perfectly.

It is often a misconception that grilling requires a huge gigantic grill to have a smokey flavor for the food. The grills that often you see have a big size that may not fit in your small house. But the good news here is that there many choices of smaller grills with a big capacity to cook food. It only asks you to find the best one that fits your available space in the house.

Now here you might feel a little down about getting the perfect pick. Yet you don’t need to worry because we bring together after hours of searching on the internet the nine best small gas grills for you, which will allow you to have fun with smoke and steak. So without further ado, let’s have a look at what we have for you.

List of Top 9 Best Small Gas Grills in 2022 – Reviews

1. Blackstone Outdoor Gas Grill – Best Small Natural Gas Grill

Our first pick is from Blackstone. This flat top gas grill is a small natural gas grill with all the kits and caboodles for barbeque fun at home. Let’s have a look at some of its features.

4-independent burners: The Blackstone gas grill has four adjustable heat zones. This heating mechanism will provide you with full control over cooking several food items at once. You can cook the next food while keeping the prior one warm at the side.

Wide cooktop: Though this Blackstone grill occupies a smaller space, it will not limit you from cooking more food. The cooktop of this grill is wide enough with four heat zones. You can cook different veggies, burgers, and steaks at once and have fun at home.

Easy assembling: The Blackstone outdoor gas grill is the best small gas barbecue; why? Because you can use it the moment, you get it. This gas grill is super-easy to use and asks for easy assembling. Just get this grill and plug it into the gas supply, and it’s good to go.

Auto-start: Another great feature of this small propane gas grill is that it comes with an auto-start igniter. With a press of a button, it will light up for the grilling fun.

Secure footing: A outdoor gas grill can also make for small space gas grills. You can enjoy cooking on the balcony or outdoors. When cooking, it makes sure it does not move away from its secure footing. Just take it where you are planning barbeque and clip lockable caster wheels for a secure base.

  • Stainless steel burners make it durable
  • Easy cleaning with removable grill cooktop
  • Independent burners with a different thermostat
  • Battery-powered push button for ignition
  • Can serve up to 2-20 persons on the go
  • Customer support is a little poor

2. Weber 54060001 Q2200 Liquid Propane Grill – Best for Small Kitchen

The next small portable gas grill is this Weber Q2200 liquid propane gas grill for small kitchens. This grill has some outstanding features to make it the best small gas grill. Let’s see what it has to offer.

Superb built quality: The weber Q2200 gas grill comes with some fantastic finishes that provide both qualities and looks for the grill. You can see the cast aluminum lid and body on the outside, and on the inside, it has porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates. Furthermore, the glass-reinforced nylon frame is just what you can expect from these weber small gas grills.

Folding side tables:  Weber Q2200 comes with side tables. You can place the food that is ready or keep the plates and utensils on it. But the great thing about these side tables is that they can be folded away and occupy less space. It asserts to be the best small weber gas grill.

Built-in thermometer: When cooking steak or other meals, you can carefully take care of the cooking food as the Weber Q2200 comes with a built-in thermometer on the lid. You can stay updated on the temperature inside the grill.

Auto-start: Another great thing about this mini gas grill is that it can start automatically without requiring matches or a lighter.

Removable catch pan: This weber Q2200 has a removable catch pan. If you want to wash this pan, you can do so easily. Just remove it from the grill and wash it away.

  • Portable gas grill
  • Larger grip handles and control knobs
  • Robust front and rear cradles for secure footing
  • Split grates for both cooking and grilling fun
  • The tall lid allows for cooking big meats
  • 1200btu stainless steel burner
  • Assembling is difficult
  • The porcelain construct is thin to keep the heat inside

3. Fuego F21C-H Element Hinged Propane Gas Grill – Best for Compact Spaces

Coming up is the Fuego F21C-H gas grill. The reason to count the balcony bbq grill is its fantastic design that depicts the lantern’s shape. The smaller footprint and compact size make it ideal for smaller spaces. Let’s have a look at its attributes:

Compact footprint: The Fuego F21C-H gas grill comes with a smaller 21” X 21” size. It is an ideal gas grill for a smaller space. You can conveniently use it on the balcony or in the smaller spaces to have food fun. Its small wheels below make it portable enough to move around.

Heat up to 500F in 5 minutes:  The great thing about this balcony hanging grill is that it is fast enough to heat up to 500 F in just about five minutes. You can start cooking on it the moment you turn it on.

Well-though design: Fuego gas grill has an intricate design to keep your convenience at the top. First, it has a porcelain-enameled lid, which eliminates the chances of paint peeling. Then you will see 364 square inches of iron cast grate to provide more expansive space for cooking more food. Further, it has a 45 degrees hinged lid with an inbuilt thermometer. If you want to griddle the food, you can do so with its removable grates.

Direct and indirect grilling: Fuego grill comes with the versatility of direct and indirect grilling. You can select the zone 1 indirect grilling for slow cooking, which will use 1500BTU power for cooking. And if you want to sear the food, you can use the direct grilling of zone 1 and zone 2 to use 2200 BTU for direct cooking. You can select the cooking option by just rotating the button.

Easy access tank storage: These great small gas grills for small spaces offers you no-mess gas tanker storage too. This gas grill comes with a space for keeping the gas tank; you can open the door to place the gas tank and close the door to lock with a clasp.

Residue removal system: Fuego grill offers a dirt and residue-free cooking experience. It comes with a plate below the grill to retain all the dirt and residue in it. You can simply remove the container when done cooking and wash it clean for the next use.

  • Small Size And Portability Make It The Best Gas Balcony Grill
  • Easy Assembling
  • Auto-Ignition
  • Inbuilt Thermometer
  • Option For Griddle, Grill, And Pizza Cooking
  • A Little Wind Can Disturb The Even Heat Distribution
  • Poor Customer Service

4. NOMADIQ Portable Small Round Gas Grill – Best Small Outdoor Grill

Next on our best small gas grill reviews is the Nomadic propane gas grill. The reason to add this grill up to our list is its super slim size and great versatility for cooking. So let’s get towards its highlights.

Super compact and portable: This Nomadiq small stainless steel gas grill is compact with a folding design. You can fold it and open it easily. Weighing only 12 pounds, this grill makes for grilling fun anywhere you want.

Expansive room for grilling: Though this grill seems small but does not fool yourself with its size, it has 226 Sq—Inch ample cooking space. And the great thing is it evenly distributes the heat to cook food in one go properly.

More powerful gas burners: This is the best small gas grill with a side burner. Including two different grilling sections, each containing almost 5,000 BTU, this BBQ grill encourages you to grill using either one burner side or both, even adjusting their temperatures separately using individually operated burners.

Drip trays: The disposal of oil and drippings can be funneled into the two supplied drip plates via small holes placed at the base of each container, thus minimizing the likelihood of flare-ups. Just Remove the dripping trays and wipe clean for next time use.

Easy to carry: The Nomadic grill is unrivaled in its portability. It weighs only 12 pounds for easy carrying. It also comes with an ergonomically designed padded carrying strap, which lets you take your grilling fun wherever you want.

No-Assembling: Nomadic gas grill sets up in 45 sec. It’s asking you to unlock and open the lid, connect to the gas tank and turn on the flames to start grilling instantly.

  • Best small outdoor gas grill with Superlight and compact size
  • Portable and easy to carry with a strap
  • Separate side burners
  • Durable construct
  • Quick ignition
  • Non-stick cooking grates
  • None

5. Cuisinart CGG-240 Roll-Away Grill – Best for Patio

Cuisinart is a well-known brand for providing top-notch grilling accessories. This CGG-240 roll-away grill from Cuisinart is ideal for picking small high-quality gas grills. You can rely on this for cooking more on a smaller grill. Let’s get details of its features:

Super portable: Cuisinart grill emanates with a collapsible stand making it easy to transport anywhere you want grilling fun. You will have experience with a larger grill in a portable size, and you can rely on this for cooking more on a smaller grill.

Efficient grilling: Don’t get deluded with the Cuisinart’s grill size, as it offers more heat power than large grills. Its 15000 BTU heat burner makes for quick cooking and recovers quickly from wind or lid opening or rotting food.

Folding side shelves: Cuisinart grill comes with stainless steel side shelves that can fold away. You can easily open them to place plates, food, or other utensils.

Drip trays: The drip trays incorporate to collect grease and oil drips during cooking. You can wash the tray for the next grilling and remain safe from fire hazards.

Even heat distribution: The Cuisinart CGG-240 comes with an even heat distribution system. Owing to its 240-square-inch surface and the double-wall stainless steel cover, it dispenses heat equally to give exceptional upshots.

Quick ignition and gas regulator: Twist the ignition button of this Cuisinart, and it’s good to go. It does do not ask for any matches and lighter. Furthermore, you can monitor the gas flow from the propane tank with its gas regulator.

  • The compact portable design makes it the best small gas grill for patio
  • A powerful burner that evenly distributes heat
  • Temperature gauge and gas regulator
  • Handle stays cool
  • Porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates remain paint-peel free
  • Utilizes mores propane gas
  • The grill tires are not durable

6. Char-Broil Classic 360 Gas Grill – Best Small Cheap Gas Grills

Next on board of the best small gas grill is the Char-Broil classic 360 gas grill. This gas grill comes with extra heating power and a wide capacity to accommodate more food, serving the whole family in one go. Let’s have a look at its features.

Portable and compact: The burner of the char-broil classic sits on the two-inch wheels and stands while gauging 24.1” x 51.2” x 43.5”. These features make the grill portable and easy to carry. Just collapse the frame and take it anywhere.

Ample cooking space with warming rack: The main cooking area of this grill features porcelain-coated grates and measures 26X14 inches which 26 inches wide and 14 inches deep. These measurements are ideal for cooking about 15 burgers in one go. Furthermore, you can keep the cooked food warm on its warming rack. It is the secondary cooking area, which is perfect for toasting buns. The measurements of the warming rack are about 24 inches wide and 7 inches deep.

Three powerful gas burners: Char-broil 360 is one of the best-rated small gas grills because of its powerful three gas burners. These burners guarantee to provide 3000 BTU of heat that too with even distribution on 360 square inches of cooking area. These burners are comprised of stainless steel, which makes them durable and long-lasting.

Piezo ignition and Metal side shelves: The char-broil 360 offers 12-inches W x 13.5-inches deep, robust metal side shelves to make for vast prep space. You can place the food that is ready on these shelves. Further, you can quickly start grilling with its piezo ignition system. Just press the button, and it is good to go.

  • Small cheap gas grills
  • Compact and portable
  • 3-powerful burners with even heat distribution
  • Porcelain-enameled grates make for non-sticking and easy cleaning
  • Piezo ignition
  • Warming rack
  • Poor customer service

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7. Cuisinart CGG-059 Portable Small Gas Grill – Best High-end Grill

Another pick from Cuisinart is this CGG-059 portable gas grill. This tiny gas grill is well-equipped with state-of-the-art features to make grilling a breeze. You can take grilling fun to the next level with this iconic pick; let’s have a detailed look at its features.

High-quality cooking grate: 146-square-inches of enameled steel grates make for spacious cooking on this high-end small gas grill. You can cook a meal for the whole family in this grill master.

Powerful burner: The cuisinart gas grill makes for perfect portability. We assert this because it can work with even 1 Ib of the gas tank. Providing power of 8000 BTU from a single burner, it makes for the perfect cooking. Just push the ignite button and start grilling your favorite meals.

Compact and portable: This Griller weighs just 10 pounds and is a sleek, lightweight, close grill that can be behold quickly. This tiny gas grill is well-equipped with state-of-the-art features to make grilling a breeze. You can take grilling fun to the next level with this iconic pick. A locked lid, a broad holding handle, and folding legs that fold conveniently for storage come in this steel grill. The smaller footprint of this grill fits on a small table for cooking, and you can also take it in your car trunk anywhere.

No assembling required: Cuisinart grill offers zero assembling for the grill. Unlike many other grills, this Cuisinart grill comes with zero assembling requirements. You will be all set to start grilling in just five minutes.

Extras: The locking lid of this grill makes for quick and easy transport. The cover can latch down for secure transport. Furthermore, the cleaning of this grill is a breeze. You can place it in the dishwasher for a quick cleaning as it is dishwasher safe. Also, it comprises, a drip ray below to collect all the grease and oil drips. You can clean the tray for the next use to prevent any hazards.

  • Ultra-lightweight and portable
  • Porcelain-enameled grates evenly distribute heat
  • The hinged lid rotates out for complete cooking access
  • Perfect for small spaces like balconies, RVs, tailgating, etc.
  • Super easy to clean
  • Come with a 3-year warranty
  • The grill gets hot
  • The metal handle gets hot

8. MARTIN Portable Gas Grill – Best Small Gas Grill for Money

The Martin portable gas grill is another best small natural gas grill. This grill is portable and compatible with both high-pressure and low-pressure gas lines. You can adjust the heat given to the food item you are cooking. So let’s dive into its detailed features:

Even-Heat distribution: Martin’s portable gas grill comes with a 14000 BTU powerful cooking burner. The burner’s tubular shape, the porcelain cooking grid, and the stainless cooking lid make for the even distribution of the heat all over. You will have tender and juicy meals from every cooking batch.

Folding design: The grill here comes with folding legs design. You can abode it in the garage with legs folded when done cooking. So if you are looking for the best grill for an apartment balcony, you can get this with your eyes closed.

Adjustable temperature: Another great thing about Martin’s grill is that you can adjust the temperature or gas pressure according to the food you are cooking. The grilling will be fun when you experiment with different food to cook, sear, or grill.

Retractable Rack: You will be getting a warming rack inside Martin’s grill that, too, is retractable. You can keep the food warm when it’s done cooking.

Expansive cooking surface: This grill’s cooking surface is wide enough to hold a full meal for a family. Comprising 354 Square Inches of total Cooking Surface, you can host a dinner easily.

Extras: You will have a piezo ignition system in this best small natural gas grill, which lights up when you get it. Next, you can see the quick clean grease tray, which keeps your grilling space clean and collects oil and grease into it. The high-quality thermometer shows the accurate heat temperature of the grill, which keeps from burning the food. Weighing only 20 pounds, this gas grill is portable enough with a smaller footprint.

  • Quick deployment with zero assemblings requires
  • Even heat distribution
  • Expansive cooking surface with warming rack
  • Folding support legs
  • Stainless steel closing lid with latch
  • Best small gas grill for the money
  • The grill lid gets hot
  • Poor customer services

9. Megamaster 720-0864MA Propane Gas Grill – Best Small BBQ Grill

Megamaster 720-086MA gas grill is our final pick for the best small gas grills. This pick of our have some great offerings for barbeque lovers and grilling pros. Let’s have a look at this best small BBQ grill:

Fits in smaller spaces: A mega master gas grill will help you have a smaller area for grills. Measuring only 42.44 x 22.15 x 45.90, you can place it easily anywhere. The cart design with wheels below this grill makes it easy to move around.

Wide cooktop: You can cook a variety of meals in one go with its extra-wide cooktop. You will be getting 418 sq.-in of the cooking area from this grill. The cast-iron cooking grid of this space-saving grill will make for the grilling fun.

Powerful dual burners: Megamaster grill comes with a 2-independent burner, each of 14000 BTU. So you will be getting a maximum of 28000 BTUs from this grill.

Folded side shelves: For space-saving, the grill incorporates folding side shelves. You can clip the frames if you want to place plates or other cooked food on them. And when done grilling, you can fold them to save space.

Exceptional heat retention: The dual independently operated gas burners distribute heat evenly and then retain the heat with their closing lid. You will get the tender and juicy meals right out of the grill.

Extras: Megamaster grill is ready to use and lights up with a piezo ignition system. You will get the proper control of cooking food with its inbuilt thermometer on the lid. Furthermore, this grill comes with a cart design that can hold the propane tank inside. It asks only to open the door with the handle and place the tank inside, and it’s good to go.

  • Independent stainless steel gas burners
  • Porcelain flames tamers prevent from oil dripping on the burner and distribute heat evenly
  • Durable cast iron grids
  • Comes with a wheeled cart to store a propane tank
  • The steel lid gets hot

Best Small Gas Grills 2022 – Buying Guide

Grilling is all-season fun, and it becomes more enjoyable when you have all the gears for grilling. If your house is small, you might feel down a little for not having grilling gatherings. But don’t anymore because we bring together our recommendations for small grills. So above are some of the picks for the best small gas grill.

Our guide’s grills share unique features for a small grill, but NOMADIQ portable gas grill is our guide’s winner. Its ultra-portable and compact size with an expansive cooking surface makes for grilling fun anywhere you want. Although, you have got other choices too from our guide. Go for them and have fun.

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