5 Best Smoker Box for Gas Grill – Reviews {Buying Guide}

If you want to smoke meat like a seasoned chef but do not have enough money to buy a standalone smoker, then you need the best smoker box for a gas grill.

If I ask smoked brisket or grilled salmon, what will you prefer? You will go for smoked meat cuts unless you are a true BBQ enthusiast. But smoking meat requires a smoker, which is not something that many of us can afford to buy.


But why restrain your BBQ smoking passion when you can turn your existing grill into a smoker. Yes, the smoker boxes are the game-changer since they can provide all the perks of that expensive smoker in your ordinary gas grill.

This affordable alternative for smokers can open you to a whole new world of flavors. But not all smoker boxes provide the same quality and level of smoke, considering that different factors work behind it. So here we are, providing the best smoker box for a gas grill to make sure you end up with the best one.

Comparisons Table of 5 Best Smoker Box for Gas Grill 2022

ImageDetailsRating & Price
Best Stainless Steel

Weber 7576

  • 9.8 x 4.5 x 2 inches

  • Weighs 1 pound

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Rectangular shape can fit most grills

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Editor's Pick

Camerons Gourmet

  • 9.8 x 4.5 x 2 inches

  • Weighs 1 pound

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Rectangular shape can fit most grills

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Best Value

Cuisinart CSB-156

  • 5 x 8 x 1.5 inches

  • Weighs 3.09 pounds

  • Cast iron construction

  • Rectangular shape

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Best Cast Iron

GrillPro 00150

  • 11 x 7 x 3 inches

  • Weighs 1265 Grams

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Rectangular shape

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Best for Gas Grills

Charcoal Companion

  • 4.21 x 13.78 x 2 inches

  • Weighs 1.29 pounds

  • Stainless steel construction

  • V-shape can sit perfectly between grates

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List of Top 5 Best Smoker Box for Gas Grill Reviews

1. Weber 7576 Universal Smoker Box – Best Stainless Steel

Weber is a highly regarded brand for its top-notch grilling and smoking equipment. This stainless steel BBQ smoker box of weber is small and sturdy, with well-thought holes placement at the top to ooze out smoke. It can be the best smoker box for weber gas grill and other brands’ grills as long as it fits.


Considering its stainless steel construction, it is durable enough and similarly not heavy weighing. Also, it is very convenient to handle as of its hinged lid. If you want to add more soaked wood chips during smoking, grab the top and add it.

The topside comes with wide holes that give a perfect smoky kiss to your food. Moreover, the smoker box can be clean in a snap; empty it and wash it. You can get the ideal weber gas grill’s smoker box by entering your grill model number.

  • Sturdy built
  • Rust-proof
  • Easy to refill during use
  • Can work with most of the grills
  • Easy to clean
  • Well-engineered design for a perfect smoky flavor
  • Slightly more expensive than other competing smoker boxes, but worth it as it endures years and years of use

2. Camerons Gourmet Mini Stainless Steel Smoking Box – Editor’s Pick

Although you cannot spend money to buy a standalone smoker but can invest in the smoker boxes, right? Well, the Gourmet stainless steel smoking box is one cute little investment that can take your BBQ passion to a whole new level.

The stainless steel smoker box can go in the oven, on the stovetop, or on the grill to give your food the smoky glaze you crave. Unlike other smoker boxes, this one does not have holes in the topside. Instead, the smoker box container houses smoking grates and a drip tray on which you can place food for smoking.


The ergonomic handle of the smoker box folds away to save space. And with the sliding lid, you can check your food condition during cooking. This stainless steel smoker box is super easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe, and also, it does not stick food and wood ashes.

This premium quality smoking box is ideal for those who want to enjoy standalone smoker’s perks in a smaller version. And finally, you can use this versatile wood chip smoker box of the gas grill as a steamer, poacher or roasting pan too.

  • Versatile smoker box that can work with stovetops, ovens and grillers
  • Serve as a steamer and poacher too
  • Does not stick food to grates
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Space-saving design
  • Foldable handle
  • Rust-resistant construction
  • Can best serve for a camping trip
  • Some customers complaints of top cover warping

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3. Cuisinart CSB-156 Wood Chip Smoker Box – Best Value

Whenever there is a discussion of BBQ equipment, the Cuisinart will pop up right away. The reason is Cuisniart’s reasonable priced products and their longer lifespan. This wood chip smoker box of Cuisinart is one such smoker box that makes your existing grill a giant smoker pit.


The top surface has CUISINART carving beside the shacks so that you get the most out of the smoker box. Moreover, besides the top piercing, the side vents channel the oxygen to produce the maximum smoke in the grill.

It costs less than 15 bucks but does not assume it is of inferior quality.  Without any chances of warping and rusting, you can use it years after year. The most appealing thing here is its compact size which can fit in even portable grills. Moreover, it can work with any of the grills, say gas, charcoal or electric grill.

  • Compact smoker box to fit most grills
  • Durable construction
  • Anti-warping
  • Rust-resistant
  • Well-engineered to provide maximum smoke
  • Very economically priced
  • Endure high temperatures
  • Adding more wood during smoking might be difficult as it does not have hinges to open the lid

4. GrillPro 00150 Cast Iron Smoker Box – Best Cast Iron

If your BBQ passion lures you to get a smoker, then Grill pro 00150 smokers are all set to serve. It comes in two different construction that is cast iron and stainless steel. What I liked most about this smoker box is its minimalist and sleek design.


The six wide openings at the top of the smoker box provide an ample amount of smoke to give your food perfect bark and juicy flavor. The size of the smoker box is ideal for sitting on even the smallest portable grills.

By the looks, it seems like it is a real workhorse for your BBQ passion. Both stainless steel and cast iron smoker boxes of grill pro provide a longer lifespan. All in all, this tiny smoker box is a bigger solution to your food smoking problem.

  • Small smoker box to fit most grills
  • Durably built
  • Anti-warping
  • Rust-resistant
  • The top cover is designed to provide maximum smoke
  • Comes in both stainless steel and cast iron
  • Very economical
  • The top cover might not sit properly

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5. Charcoal Companion Smoker Box For Gas Grill Wood Chips – Best for Gas grills

There is something special about the charcoal champion stainless steel smoker box. The V-shape design of the smoker box can sit perfectly between the galvanizer bars of the gas grills. While sitting perfectly, it provides massive smoke to give that tender and juicy flavor to your favorite meat cuts.


Its stainless steel construction of it makes it lightweight and durable at the same time. Without any chances of warping and rusting, it can endure years of use. Cleaning it is as easy as pie; just dump the ashes and run them under the water.

Like the weber smoker box, it also comes with a hinged lid, so you can easily add more woods to the box. Furthermore, the smoker box’s reasonable price tag will lure anyone to get it for their next smoker party.

  • Unique V-shape design to sit on deflector bars
  • Produces more smoke
  • Anti-warping even in the highest temperatures
  • The hinged top cover makes for convenient fuel add up
  • Very economical and budgeted
  • Not an ideal option other than gas grills

Things To Consider Before Buying A Smoker Box – Guide 2022

When you look at the smoker box, you might consider all of them are the same. But that is not the case, as several factors are working behind a smoker box. Below I’m listing some of the crucial factors to consider in the smoker box:


The material of the smoker box speaks of its durability. The thick and sturdy walls of the smoker box can endure high temperatures without warping. There is two main material option that is stainless steel and cast iron. When buying stainless steel smoker boxes avoid cheaply made smoker boxes because they will wrap at high temperatures.


To omit the need for refilling now and then, you need a giant smoker box. Such a smoker box can ooze out smoke for more time. But the problem arises when your grill is small. So for that, you have to get a compact smoker box. In other words, you must check the size of your gas grill before buying a smoker box.


Smoking food drains out your energy as you have to take care of every bit to yield perfectly barked meat. So the last thing you want is to clean the mess of both the grill and smoker box. To cut off the labor, you must look for a dishwasher-safe smoker box or one that can be cleaned with a quick rinse.


If the smoker box is small you need to refill it from time to time. So for that, you need an ergonomic design of the lid that you can quickly open to add a new batch of wood. The lid’s tight-fitting is also a must because the wood will fire up instead of smoking if the top is not tightly closed.


Q1. Are smoker boxes worth it?
Ans. The smoke boxes are a budget-friendly alternative for expensive smokers. Since they come in different construction materials like stainless steel and cast iron, so you get other choices to choose from. Although these smoker boxes are not so expensive, so they worth trying.
Q2. How to use a smoker box?
Ans. Below are the steps to use a smoker box.

  1. Soak the wood in water for 30 minutes.
  2. Add the wood chips to the smoker box. Make sure it fills up halfway through the smoker box.
  3. Place it between the deflector bar and cooking grates. Check that the smoker box is settled firmly.
  4. Fire up the grill and preheat at a high temperature.
  5. When the smoke starts to come out of the box, turn the flames low and place your food onto the grill.
Q3. Cast iron vs. stainless steel smoker box, which one is better?
Ans. The smoker boxes come in two different materials that are cast iron and stainless steel. The cast-iron smoker box for the gas grills is more durable than stainless steel and costs more. On the other hand, stainless steel is also a good option since it does not rust easily but cannot be as long-lasting as cast iron.
Q4. What’s the difference between a smoker and a grill?
Ans. The major difference between smokers and grillers is their cooking time. Also, the heat levels are another factor in making them different. In grilling, you cook on high flames for less time, and in smoking; you cook slow and low, which takes hours or days to smoke food.
Q5. Should I buy a grill or a smoker?
Ans. It depends on your preference for the food you will be cooking. If you are more inclined to cook larger meat cuts like brisket, turkey, roasts and rib racks, and ham, then go for a smoker. Although, for smaller meat cuts like salmon and steak the grill serves perfectly.

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