Best Smoker Thermometers Reviews (& Guide)

Cooking is a blend of skill and practice, and precision is the vital point. Temperature is a critical part of food. Having the right temperature in your smoker is key to assuring the meat cooks perfectly. You can control the heat for your next smoke by following some easy steps and by having the best smoker thermometer.

We are focusing on traits such as kind, number of probes, probe range and length, and other features useful to mention. We feel this knowledge is vital as it highlights what you should ideally expect from such a product.

The best smoker thermometers should be user-friendly and deliver perfect heat readings. They should be very flexible and make it simple to monitor the heat. A wireless thermometer can let you do other things, yet having the option to watch out for your food on the grill or in the oven.

We’ve reviewed some of the best smoker thermometers available to help you make the right decision.

List of Top 10 Best Smoker Thermometers Reviews in 2022 {Updated}

ImageThermometers For SmokersRating & Price

Maverick ET-733

  • 300 feet range

  • 3 feet long probes

  • Audio alarms feature

  • 15 temperature sets/li>
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ThermoPro TP20

  • Work on replaceable four AAA batteries.

  • 300 feet range

  • Two temperature probes

  • Nine temperature pre-sets

Check Price

Maverick ET732

  • 3oo feet range

  • Audible alarm

  • 4 AAA batteries required

  • Two temperature probes

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Weber iGrill 2

  • Four probes capacity

  • Bluetooth connectivity

  • App to monitor remotely

  • The battery life of 200 hour

Check Price


  • The package includes six probes

  • 11 Pre-set temperatures

  • App to monitor food

  • Audible alarm

Check Price


  • Two sensors

  • Pre-set temperatures

  • One probe

  • 1 AAA battery

Check Price


  • The package includes four probes

  • 100 feet range

  • App to monitor food

  • Colour coded probes

Check Price

Inkbird IBT-6XS

  • The set has six probes

  • Temperature range of 176F

  • 100mAh battery

  • Loud alarm

Check Price

Inkbird IBT-4XS

  • Range 150 feet

  • Large LED display

  • Four probes package

  • Android and IOS app

Check Price

ThermoPro TP-16

  • 1 AAA battery usage

  • Timer mode

  • Three years warranty

  • Audible alarm

Check Price

1. Maverick ET-733  Smoker Thermometer – Best Wireless Thermometer

Maverick ET-733 smoker thermometer has gotten one of the most famous and first-class meat thermometers. The brand is known for making accurate meat BBQ thermometers that are regularly accepting and are suggested by beginners and experts at the same.

This dual probe meat thermometer lets you control the meat and the internal temperature from up to 300 feet away at the same time. You can select from fifteen various kinds of meat. The system is quite clear. You select the probe the pick what heat you want. You can set the temperature ranges too.

An audible alert sounds when the heat check comes to a lower or maximum cut-off. There is also an alarm to inform you if the signal is lost, hence a fantastic feature to have. We feel that this model is the best wireless smoker thermometer when utilized in a smoker setup.

  • It has a large backlit screen
  • Dual probe
  • User friendly
  • Changing the battery can be tricky

2. ThermoPro TP20

ThermoPro TP20 is one of the best smoker thermometers with great features. The test wires can test for temperatures of up to 716 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you have any issues or false heat readings, the company will restore the probes without any inquiries. This thermometer has a large LCD that shows all the required data.

ThermoPro TP20 has an amazing twin probe design. Hence, measuring the temperature of the food and the pit temperature occur at the same time. Also, it can work as a grill cover thermometer. The screen can be seen even in low-light scenes.

There are pre-set temperatures for nine distinct kinds of meat and various degrees of grilling/smoking. You can likewise manually set your heats.

The receiver has alarms, a timer, and can work in the range of 300 feet.

  • Probe cables are long enough
  • 1-year extended warranty
  • Backlit display
  • Beeps loudly when someone presses the button

3. Maverick ET732

Generally, one of the most famous meat thermometers ever is Maverick ET732. We value this unit for its smooth yet fantastic system.

All the fundamental traits are here, including alarm for lost signals and heat range detection.

The Maverick ET-732 has double probes used to screen both grills and food heats. The probes plug into a wire that sends information to the receiver in the range of 300 feet.

We believe there’s a lot of value for your money spent in Maverick ET-732. It’s a solid unit ideal for anybody who has an average level of knowledge on smoking meat.

  • Receiver is small
  • Backlit LCD
  • User friendly
  • 90 days warranty only

4. Weber iGrill 2

Weber iGrill 2 Thermometer is a Bluetooth thermometer through which you can monitor up to four distinct heats at the same time.

It truly is accessible to work because of the iGrill application. The app offers an alarm for cooked food, will pre-set the temperature, alter your food heats, and save your grilling history. This thermometer comes with two probes, but four probes can be connected.

Starting iGrill 2 is very easy. You download the free app, connect the probe, and screen the cooking procedure. Hence, you’ll have the perfect outcomes without fail. Also, the temperature range is up to 716 F with the best battery life.

This Weber iGrill 2 also has an auto on and off feature. This feature turns off the device if it is not in use or probes are not connected. If the probe is in the food, this unit will not shut off. Hence, this is a unique feature that helps the batteries to last longer

  • Affordable price with great features
  • Magnetic structure
  • Backlight LED display
  • Bluetooth range is limited

5. HAUEA Meat Thermometer

The Hauea Meat Thermometer has six distinct probes. This thermometer can interface with your phone via Bluetooth so that you can screen the food from anywhere. Also, it has a 100 feet indoor range and a 196 feet open-air run.

Two of the six probes are of steel, and four of them are of silicone. Each probe comes in different colors.

The application permits you to screen the temperatures of various food. Also, it supports an alarm for the selected heats. You can also utilize the app to get 11 pre-set warmth for different sorts of meat.

The package includes a safety case and to protect the thermometer.

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Longer battery life
  • The app is available for both IOS and android
  • Wireless range is slightly short

6. New MEATER + Rotisserie Thermometer

The MEATER is a remote meat thermometer with a 165 feet range. This unit doesn’t have any wires on the probes.

To utilize this system, you need to put the probe in the food. At that point, you will have the option to screen the cooking procedure on your phone app. The app will let you see the present temperature, your end temperature, and the temperature of the grill.

The application will alarm you when your food has met your ideal temperature. You can also utilize the app to set up custom clocks. As your food is cooking, the application uses an estimator calculation. Hence, it will give you a thought of how much time is left before the food is ready.

  • App to monitor food
  • Estimator algorithm
  • Wireless range is short

7. Soraken Meat Thermometer

With its smaller and attractive design, the Soraken Meat Thermometer truly stands apart from the group. This sturdy model has a bright LCD. To sweeten the deal even further, you can control the cooking procedure from your Smartphone or tablet.

There are six diverse meat modes for you to make the cooking procedure easy. There are, additionally, three different smoke modes and five taste modes.

Each of the probes is color-coded to help prevent mistakes. Hence, it makes it easy to reserve each probe for a specific type of food. You can monitor the food from up to a hundred feet away.

  • The magnetic back is strong
  • Five different taste modes
  • Comes with the 1-year warranty
  • Probes are slightly short

8. Inkbird IBT-6XS Thermometer

The Inkbird IBT-6XS is a fantastic remote thermometer with a good Bluetooth range at an affordable price. This Inkbird has a 1000mAh rechargeable battery. Also, the unit can last around 20 hours once fully charged.

Furthermore, it has six probes. Hence, it can watch six different food heats at the same time.

The strong magnetic back makes it user-friendly. Also, this digital thermometer has a timer clock, and a loud alarm to let you know when the ideal heat meets.

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Longer battery life
  • Low price
  • No WIFI feature

9. Inkbird IBT-4XS Thermometer

The primary thing you notice after opening the package is the uniformity of the unit. Besides the on/off switch, there is only a circle on the LED.

InkBird has moved all the controls and information to the app. Hence, the central unit is super clean and simple.

The whole unit is made from plastic and feels lightweight and smooth. You can tell this isn’t as tough as some other massive transmitters. Also, it doesn’t have any waterproofing, so you certainly wouldn’t have any desire to utilize this thermometer in a poor climate.

You get capacity for up to 4 probes, which are of stainless steel.

The strong magnetic support allows it to stick easily to metal smokers. Hence, it will be easy to monitor a clear LED display.

  • High and low-temperature alarms
  • Strong magnetic back
  • 1-year warranty
  • Probes are slightly small

10. ThermoPro TP-16 Thermometer

ThermoPro TP-16 is one of the most straightforward thermometers from this brand. It keeps things mild. Hence it is undoubtedly affordable.

This incredibly wired meat thermometer is a separate channel food thermometer with high precision.

This thermometer runs on one AAA battery and has some excellent traits. A loud alarm and a timer decipher when it meets the ideal temperature.

Moreover, temperature choosing depends upon the kind of meat and the ideal level of warmth. You can select any heat that you want.

The thermometer has an attractive back and a 40-inch long treated steelwork probe link. The probe itself can face the heat of up to 716 F. 

  • Long probe cable
  • Strong magnetic back
  • User friendly
  • Only one probe

How To Choose Best Thermometer for Smokers? – {Complete Buyer’s Guide}

The ideal smoker thermometer model can have a vital effect on your overall cooking experience. Here are a few things that you must consider when looking at the choices for the best smoker thermometers.

  • Probes – The best smoker thermometers must have at least two probes, the more, the better. Hence, it will allow you to observe the heat of each kind of food. Also, you must focus on the length and strength of the probes.
  • Precision – You will surely need the results to be as precise as possible. Even the difference between some degrees will affect your meat. If your thermometer is not very precise, it will be next to useless.
  • Speed – One key factor that will affect the precision of the results is the speedy delivery of the results. You should pick a thermometer that gives you real-time results.
  • Durability – You need to ensure that your thermometer keeps going for a long time. All components, mainly probes, should be long-lasting.
  • User friendly – Like all cooking tools, a smoker thermometer must make life simpler. Hence, it should be easy to use and to set warmth.
  • Functions and Features – Some smoker thermometers come filled with cool traits, while others are undoubtedly more vital. At last, the kind of thermometer you pick will rely upon your desire. Some of the traits are wireless connectivity and timers. Models that have an alarm can be more useful. Set the cooking time of your food, and the alarm will sound at that time.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q1. Can the probes of the thermometer be replaced?

Ans1. Yes, they can easily be replaced or can even add more if your model allows you to.

Q2. Can I use a probe thermometer as an instant-read one?

Ans2. No, you can use specially designed thermometers to read the temperature instantly.

Q3. Can I use the thermometer in the water?  

Ans3. Yes, you can if their probes are waterproof.


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