6 Steps To Grill Perfect Brats Everytime

The german version of the sausages is grill brats that come in various pork options to veal and beef. While these sausages seem super-easy to cook, you can serve them with different sides to share happiness at the dinner table.


If you are a grilling enthusiast, you know that grilling brats are not that easy, considering that high flames will ruin the packaging. Here in this guide, I will tell you all the nitty-gritty of how to grill brats like a pro.

What Do You Need For Grilling Brats?

You need:

  • Brats (uncooked)
  • Yellow onion
  • Beer
  • Buns
  • Aluminum tub

Timeframe and serving for brats grilling:

Preparation time 15 minutes
Cooking time 20 minutes
Resting time 60 minutes
Total time 35 minutes
Serving 6
Calories 417

Step by Step Guide to Grilling Brats

Step 1: Choose Your Brats

Two options are available for the brats that are packaged and fresh-made brats. You can find the packaged brats at any grocery store near the sausage section, while for the fresh mad brats, go to the butcher’s shop.

I personally prefer freshly made brats over packaged ones because they are thick and more flavourful than those prepared brats.

Step 2: Prepare The Grill

If your grill was resting in the garage for some time, you must clean it first before starting the grilling. After that, turn on the grill and preheat until it gets to a medium temperature between 300-400 F. furthermore, prepare the grill for 2-zone grilling. This way, you can move the brats from the cold to the hot zone.

Meanwhile, you can soak onion into beer hooked on an aluminum tub when you are heating the grill. We will be using this when grilling the brats to keep them moist and flavorful.

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Step3: Start Low and Slow

Most people start grilling brats right after they get them. Well, that is not how it is grilled perfectly. The brats are flavored grounded meat stuffed in packaging, and you have to look for the perfect temperature level for perfectly cooking the brats.

If you set up the brat right on the grill, chances are it will get crusty from outside quickly, leaving the inside uncooked. On the contrary, leaving brat for a long time on the grill will burst up packaging, and you will spill all the flavoury juices of it.

The best way to do this is by steaming the brats. For that, turn on one side of the grill and leave the other one for indirect heating. Place the brats in the cold zone for indirect heating. Furthermore, place the onion and beer aluminum container on the direct zone heating. Close the lid and wait for a while.

Step 4: Check the Brats

After ten minutes or so, open the lid, flip the brats’ sides, and close the lid again. Again, after five minutes, open the lid and check the internal temperature of the brat; if the gauge read 140-150, then your brats are cooked internally, and it’s time for some direct searing of the brats.

Step 5: Cook Directly

The aluminum tub resides in the grill’s direct zone, remove it, and place the brats instead. Further, place the aluminum tub on the indirect zone and again close the lid for few minutes. Make sure to cook brats¬†evenly all around.

Step 6: Bathe the Brats

Now open the lid and check the temperature; when it goes to 170-180, it’s time for a brat bath. The searing onion in the beer is set to bathe the brats for a juicy and tender flavor. Dip the brats in the aluminum tub and leave them; your grilled brats are ready to go into buns with onion and cabbage toppings.

A point here is that many of the chefs say to grill brats after boiling, but that will cause the brats to lose their flavor. The way we showed above is best as it thoroughly cooks the brat while not ruining the crust.

Below is the video showing how to grill brats charcoal:

Final Words

The ultimate goal of grilling the brats is to achieve that perfect crunch on the outside and perfectly cooked brats from the inside. Many chefs recommend poking the brats and giving them a boil before grilling, but that is not something I do.

For me, it’s the steam that retains moisture during grilling, and then the touch of the direct flames makes for the crusty brats. You can also try this method as it will serve both seasoned and new chefs alike.

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