Pit boss vs. Traeger Pellet Grills Review

So you are here that means you have decided to buy a wood pellet grill for yourself but not sure which brand grill to choose? With our honest review below, you will definitely end up getting one right away.

Pit Boss and Traeger are two of the most popular brands for bringing the best wood pellet grill in the market. But the problem is here when it comes to deciding which can do better for you among these, then most of the people prefer to go for pit boss vs. Traeger pellet grill reviews. But in this situation, people usually end up defending the grill which they have gotten and slamming the competition. Therefore, this will become harder to get an objective opinion. However, to make things easier for you, we will help you to break down the differences between Pit Boss vs. Traeger wood pellet. 

Pit boss vs. Traeger grill; model review 

Let’s have a look at the particular models of each brand to know more about them:

PIT BOSS 700FB Pellet Grill

Pit Boss 700fb Pellet Grill is one of the most fantastic pellet grills from the list of a pit boss, which can be better for those who are looking for an affordable option. With average dimensions, its larger cooking space is making it a useful alternative to choose from. It is offering 700 sq. inches overall cooking space, which will be enough to serve a whole family at once. Porcelain-coated iron grids are making it stronger and will prevent food from sticking to them in the best possible way. More amazingly, it is coming with a digitally controlled burn system, which can make monitoring and maintaining temperature easier for you. Furthermore, you can close its cooking lid securely while in operation. Ultimately, this will decrease the loss of heat and smoke significantly. 

While, its digital control board and temperature range can make it easier for you to adjust temperature, which can fit your style of cooking with ease. So, whether you are preparing to bake, smoke, searing, or anything else, PIT BOSS 700FB Pellet Grill can help you to make a perfect meal in the best possible way. 

Traeger Grills Tailgater 20 Portable Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker

Trager tailgater is an incredible grill smoker that can let you enjoy perfectly cooked food with ease. This wood pellet will never use propane or gas; instead, give an utterly delicious taste to your diet, it will cook your food with wood only. Tailgater is a first wood pellet that offers a perfect taste to your diet. 

Integrated Digital Elite Controller can let you fix temperature with ease. Even, this can make it easier for you to set and maintain the temperature of the grill. This portable grill can accommodate up to 2 whole chickens, 12 burgers, or 3 ribs racks with its 300 sq. inches space. 

This is a versatile pellet grill which can let you enjoy both low and slow and hot and fast cooking style. Even more, this pellet grill is also offering 6 in 1 option to grill, roast, smoke, braise, bake, and BBQ your favorite foods. As a result, you will get a juicy perfection in your diet. 

Overview of Pit Boss and Traeger 

Pit Boss 

Pit boss wood pellet grills are known to be perfect for beginners because these are easier to use. Wood pellet grills of Pit Boss usually are built stronger and meant to stay longer with you. These usually feature heavy-duty construction and a more abundant surface to cook. Even more, Pit boss is one of the famous and best digital grill manufacturers in the market, and these also guarantee perfection every time. To complement the food with pit boss wood pellets, you have to use high-quality wood pellets. 

On a more comprehensive not, it may seem that there are plenty of models which pit boss is offering in this market. But when you have a closer look, then most of these wood pellet grills are based on the same primary structure and differ in terms of additional features only. As compared to various other grill manufacturers who went for technology and quality, the pit boss is going for affordability. 

Most of pit boss models are nearly the same size as of Traeger pellet grills but with significant differences in the price options. The price is more in favor of the pit boss. It is because the pit boss offers affordable racks that can attract many customers.


Traeger is one of the most influential and incredible pellet grill brands which is responsible for creating a pellet grill industry. Since 1986 Traeger was the first manufacturer with the cartel to manufacture pellet grills. It was capable for creating the grills which are becoming popular at present. 

Over the years, Traeger has earned a firm recognition in the market of wood pellet grills and smokers. This brand is known as one of the most reliable brands in this regard. Traeger is one of the favorite wood pellet grill options among pitmasters and other users. Overall, these wood pellet grills are recognized as to produce the finest BBQ grills and smoked food in the market. 

This manufacturer is bringing plenty of high-quality pellet grills. Over the years, this high-quality brand manufacturer gained its popularity for quality and durability. 

Differences between Traeger and Pit Boss 

Do you want to know the critical differences between Pit boss and Traeger? Here we have exciting information for you to know in this regard. 


Pit boss is offering much cheaper grills as compared to Traeger. Even you can find the same size of pit boss grills as of Traeger but at a significantly reasonable price. Pit boss is a brand where you have to pay for the product instead of a brand name. 

Temperature range 

Fortunately, because of the digital controller in Traeger, maintaining, controlling, monitoring, and setting temperature has become a breeze. Traeger is offering temperatures ranging from 1700F to 4000F. All of these temperature ranges are controllable with just one button. 

While on the other hand, the pit boss is also bringing a fantastic temperature range from 1700F to 5000F, it can also let you see the temperature through a thermostat. However, one of the most exciting benefits of pit bliss models is that these can start or cool down automatically. 


More commonly, the grill models of the Traeger brand can let you enjoy 6 different cooking styles with ease. While pit bliss cooking styles are including baking, grilling, brailing, smoking, roasting, char-grilling, BBQ, and searing. 

Hopper size 

Depending on the different sizes of pit boss grill models, the size of hopper is available between 7 lbs. to 14 lbs. Meanwhile, the grill models from Traeger usually come up with bigger hoppers. Some of these come with up to 18 lbs. hopper size. Even more, these are featuring large systems that are helpful to collect ash from the pellets to keep them clean correctly. 

Cooking space

In terms of availability of cooking space, Traeger is surpassing the pit boss. It doesn’t matter which grill size you need to have; it is offering a range from 300 to 1,300 sq. inches to satisfy your needs. While on the other hand, the pit boss is offering as little as 500 sq. inches cooking space. Although you can find some more than 500, these usually come with a two-tiered cooking range. 


When it comes to grill construction, the Traeger seems to be a bit inferior as compared to the pit boss. It is because pit boss grill models come up with cast-iron grates, with a clear and non-toxic cover. This grill can prevent your food from sticking to the grill. 

Final Thoughts 

Wood pellet grills are known as a firm favorite among home cooks. It mainly because these are usually a perfect combination of a smoker and a barbecue. Therefore, the need for purchasing these two separately will be eliminated with ease. Even more, wood pellet grills usually come up with free cooking surfaces, which can let you cook different meat options at the same time. It means it will allow you cook brisket while grilling burgers and sausages at the same time. Overall, wood pellet grills can be a fantastic option to invest for the ones who love to entertain from home. Because these can help you to cater to a large number of people. However, to help you in choosing the best for you, we have compiled this battle. Our thorough Pit boss vs. Traeger. Read this entire guide to get more clarity in your decision. 

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