REC TEC 700 Review – Best Portable Wood Pellet Grill

REC TEC entered the pellet barbecue to advertise a couple of years back to be something unusual. While this barbecue isn’t progressive, it accompanies submitted support and a magnificent advertising effort. In a brief timeframe, it has become the minimal effort pellet flame broil to beat. The development is healthy, and the structure appealing. The REC TEC RT-700 includes a WIFI network and a large group of over enhancements over its ancestor, the mainstream RT-680.


On the innovation, they additionally cantered around the nature of artistry and strength, the confirmation of which is a standout amongst other guarantees offers just as extraordinary client support out all things considered.

In-Depth Insights of Rec Tec RT-700 Pellet Grill

Best Overall: REC TEC 700 Pellet Grill

REC TEC 700 Pellet Grill
4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)
  • Two mesh non-sticky grill mats
  • Power source: AC
  • Easy to use
  • 6 years warranty

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One needs to expect that the costs for a pellet barbecue from Rec Tec are high, yet 100% advocated and sensible. This REC TEC 700 worth your money like no other smoke grill can.

  • Interfaces with connected gadgets using WIFI connectivity and an application (both for android and iOS)
  • Can be used multi purposely in cooking
  • The grill is automatically ignited right after the restaurant is turned on
  • 6-year warranty
  • Have digital display along with smart grill technology
  • Pellet hopper can contain a lot of weight and have a large cooking area
  • Temperature resistant design
  • Can be moved anywhere easily because of wheeled legs
  • User-friendly
  • Very high budget required, but this fantastic grill worth it

Temperature Control:

The temperature control, as you may expect, is a first-class feature. Furthermore, it has exceptionally propelled control innovation, considering wi-fi controls by using your telephone or PC. In the REC TEC 700 review, the temperature control feature is the most important. Surprisingly, it is unbelievably exact, naturally controlling its temperature to coordinate the set temperature by using a restrictive PID calculation even at amazingly low temperatures (under 200 degrees Fahrenheit for cold smoking).


REC TEC RT-700 pellet grill review will heat up to the desired temperature itself after you select the temperature and press the button.

The Smart Grill coupled together with the auto-lighting feature and a temperature range of 180 to 500-degree F in 5-degree increments makes it even better.

For wood pellet grills, they must come with the best possible temperature control system. And with this grill, you can easily maintain it throughout the cooking process as soon as it attains the desired temperature.

The fire pot has a blower fan along with a heat deflector that helps prevent hot spots on the meat amid cooking.

Enduring Structure:

The body of this pellet flame broil is thick and business-like, yet there are air spills around the entryway, and wind can burglarize this unit of warmth rapidly. In particular, this appealing structure has four instrument snares just as huge retires on its sides and base to be increasingly practical. Its cover plugs are come up short confirmation and help bolt and secure the top immovably.

rt 700 pellet grill

Also, its container cover has an extra usage of warming surface too. This cover additionally accompanies handles that permit you to grasp more no problem at all. Experienced pellet cooks realize that cold temperatures and great breezes are feasible for alterations. A typical technique for this is a welding cover over the flame broil to preserve on pellets. Since the unit isn’t protected, this would be an unquestionable requirement for the individuals who live in northern atmospheres or foresee utilizing this unit when it is cold.

Ceramic Inbuilt Lighter

Bid farewell to chaotic charcoal and hazardous fire starters with the programmed close-down element of REC TEC RT-700. It permits you to enter your ideal mode with only one press of a catch, running from 200 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit in 5-degree increases.

Since this is a set-it-and-overlook, type smoker, when you set the temperature for your meat, the advanced temperature control framework will assume control over the control of the implicit twist drill that channels pellets into the firepot. The pellets in the firepot are touched off by a clay igniter. The constructed nature of the igniter is substantial and can keep going for quite a while. Also, it over lights the pellets in the consumed pot reliably, keeping the level temperature unblemished.

Light Bulb

Flame broiling requires a legitimate perception of the cooking meats. Consideration of shading and surface of beef is essential before taking them off the unit.


You likewise need to brush the meat highly involved with flame broiling when the meat is still inside the cooking chamber. You need a perfect measure of light to play out all these. Hence to give a visual guide, the plan of this flame broil has a barbecue light remembered for it that permits you to perceive what you are cooking.

Oil Framework

For any flame broil, cleaning highlights are among the significant focuses one ought to consider before purchasing. Rec Tec 700 review here, has incorporated a brilliant oil the board framework in the brewing unit. Consequently, the structure depletes all the fat out of the barbecue and falls into an external can. Thus, you won’t need to manage inside cleaning, which is exceptionally troublesome.


It is a moderately youthful brand made not many years after Traeger‘s patent ends its tenure. In contrast to the contender, the proprietors of Rec Tec went for advancement and current innovation directly from the beginning.

The objective was to create a pellet barbecue that ideas, in any event, a similar accommodation as the gas flame broil, just like the kind of a genuine wood fire.

The most recent Rec-Tec models accompany innovation and calculations propelled enough to make it conceivable to smoke meat virtually upkeep free.

The progressed computerized controller and all the frameworks deal with keeping up a fixed temperature and adding pellets to the heater, and they are incredible at this errand. The whole pellet holder permits to smoke meat peacefully over numerous hours at a repaired temperature.

If you are struggling while assembling its body and want help, you can use its manual guide. You can download manual guide.


Q: Do the meat probes come along with, or we must buy them separately?
Ans: They come along with the product.
Q: How long is the cooking area?
Ans: It is 702 square inches long.
Q: Where can we store this for long durability?
Ans: It is easy to place anywhere because it is highly temperature resistant along with a robust structure.
Q: What is the difference between rec tec 680 vs. 700?
Ans: Besides other differences, the principal and essential difference are that rec tec 700 can ignite itself once it turned off but, rec tec 680 has to burn traditionally.

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